Who We Are

Once a Safe Paw, always a Safe Paw!

We don’t consider adoption the end of the road for any of our dogs. They will forever be part of our ‘Safety Net’, to ensure they never again end up part of the shelter system. Beth takes pride in being involved with her rescues and being able to provide support to their adoptive families. Any dog that is adopted from Go Dog Safe Paws will have an open line to us to ask any questions about dog behavior, training needs, health concerns, etc.  We are not only the dog's safety net, but the adoptive family's safety net as well.

Owning and operating an active cage-free daycare and boarding facility have allowed Beth to learn a great deal about dog behavior. This experience also helps the rescue match up our adoptive dogs to the right homes for both the dog and the new family. We vow to never place a dog into a home that we would not place one of our own family dogs into! However, the unexpected can happen, which is what the Safety Net is here for.


                                                                        Take the story of Zach & Delilah:

These two bonded purebred German Shepherds were rescued from the streets of Los Angeles. After receiving medical treatment and spending endless days being socialized, they were ready for their forever home. The dogs were bonded in such a way that separating them was not an option, so Beth was determined to find them an adoptive home together. After many applications and home checks with potential adopters, a dog-savvy local schoolteacher looking for companionship adopted the two.

Over the next three years, Beth received lots of updates and loved following these two dogs' fun journey. One day, however, Beth received an emotional phone call from the adopter. She had fallen on hard times and could not find a way to keep the dogs. Operation Safety Net went into affect and stood by these two sweet bonded dogs. Beth immediately took the dogs back under her care and began the difficult mission of finding them yet another great home

together. The beautiful German Shepherds were endlessly networked

and sure enough their angels appeared! A wonderful “empty nester”

couple that live and breathe these dogs as if they are their kids

adopted them. They finally have their forever home!!

Go Dog Safe Paws is an all-breed rescue with the goal of saving dogs whose days at the shelter are numbered and who are at greatest risk for euthanasia. They are dogs who have been red-listed, often simply because there is just no room for them at the shelter. Due to the high number of dogs (literally thousands) who are in this situation, Safe Paws focuses on rescuing those in need from the shelter, and does not take in owner surrenders. While some of those we rescue come with training and shake your hand upon meeting you, others are frightened and perhaps too nervous even to say ‘hello.’ They may not be fluffy and clean and ready to curl up in your lap, but they deserve a chance just as any dog does!

Our jobs don’t end at simply pulling a dog out of the shelter, however! The health, safety and well-being of every single dog in our care is a number one priority. It is pretty much guaranteed that any dog, when first removed from an animal shelter, will be sick. This is why we immediately seek proper veterinary care for each and every dog we rescue. We want to ensure they are treated for any underlying medical issues and receive preventive treatment for their overall wellbeing. A healthy dog is a happier dog!

Go Dog Safe Paws was founded in 2013 by a dedicated 13-year veteran of the Los Angeles rescue community. Her experience led her to discover that every year, well over one hundred thousand pets in LA County alone end up in animal shelters, due simply to overpopulation. Thousands of dogs who were once outgoing, fun-loving, happy dogs end up fearful, alone and, far too often, euthanized. There simply are not enough homes for them all and yet hundreds more are being born every day. Because of this, Beth has worked to rescue many dogs and cats over the years, vetting and caring for them, and adopting them into loving forever homes.

The ‘Safety Net’: A Tail of Two Dogs