Foster a Dog

Do you have room for a four legged guest? We are actively seeking volunteers to foster dogs and save them from the over-crowded shelters. Every dog we get out of the pound saves a highly adoptable dog from being euthanized. You can play an integral role in helping a four-legged friend find their forever home, and help more dogs to be saved!

You Provide: A nurturing safe home and LOVE.

We Provide: The food, bedding, toys, collar & leash (as needed), flea treatment, routine baths, medical care and plenty of support!

Foster Commitment: We ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 weeks fostering. If we must find alternate housing, we ask for a 48 hour notice to find a safe alternative.

Meet & Greet: If there is an approved applicant for your foster dog, we will set up (giving you plenty of notice, of course) an appointment for your foster dog and their potential adopter to meet. It will be at a mutually agreeable time for all involved, and be either at your home, the home of the potential adopter, or at Go Dog LA, depending on what you are comfortable with and what we feel is the best situation for the dog.

Foster Requirements:

  1. Adequate schedule where the dog is not left alone for long periods at a time.

  2. Our dogs must be housed indoors (during the day and night). Of course they are welcome to play and sun themselves in your secure, well-fenced yard!

  3. A safe environment where there are no potential hazards or escape routes.

To apply to be a foster, please email and we will send you a foster application!