Volunteer with Safe Paws

Fostering: Do you have room for a four legged guest? We are actively seeking volunteers to foster dogs and save them from the over-crowded shelters. Every dog we get out of the shelter saves another dog from being euthanized. See our Foster a Dog section for more information. 

Transporting: We can often use help transporting dogs from one location to another. For example, picking up a new rescue from the shelter, transporting dogs to and from vet visits, etc. If you have a car and some free time, let us know and we’ll add you to our list of transporters! 

Quality One-on-One time: Some of our dogs--especially those freshly rescued, who may be uncertain and confused--simply need quality time one-on-one with a human. They are desperately in need of quality one-on-one time with a human being that can shower them with love and affection, helping the dog to understand that there are good and friendly people in the world ready to care for them. Perhaps they need help learning basic commands such as “sit” and “down”, or need to work on their people socializing skills.

Dog Walking: Once out of the shelter, we want to start stretching those furry legs! In addition to vetting and care, these canines need good solid exercise to keep them active and healthy. This also helps us learn if they have on-leash experience and how they handle the distractions of the ‘outside’ world.

Home Inspections: Before an adoption is approved, we always perform a home inspection to ensure that our dog is going to a safe and loving environment. In general, a comprehensive home check ensures that the home doesn’t have any canine safety hazards (special emphasis on checking decks, balconies, yards and fencing to ensure the potential new home is 100% safe for dogs!)

Fundraising: If you have any fundraising or grant writing experience, we would definitely appreciate your help.